Fun Zone

Send to your friends one of these new Troy’s e-cards!!

Pc themes
If you’re fed up with your current desktop theme, just download any of the four stunning themes from the Troy Corser selection. These Desktop themes don’t contain any old photos, but specially designed high-tech graphics that are among the best in the world. Try them and see.

Audio files
Here are some bike sounds, interviews and other audio files for you to download and further customise your computer – all thanks to Troy Corser

Forget flying toasters and other boring images and download our specially designed screensaver and desktop pictures.The Windows format Troy Corser screensaver features an animation which loops on your screen when it has not been used for a pre-determined period.

The Po’ Boys
Are they punk, are they rock or are they just having fun!
The band started off playing cover versions, but now write some of their
own material.
Racer Jamie Whitham beats the skins for THE PO’ BOYS and enjoys himself
almost as much as he does on the track.
If you get the chance to see THE PO’ BOYS live, don’t miss them – it’s a
show you will not forget!

Gregory Darling
Greg has been a great friend to us both for many years now and it really was a treat to see him entertain such a big crowd.

Video Clip
Can’t get to a race or watch it on TV? Don’t despair, for here are a few video clips of Troy Corser in action. You can view them directly in the browser or download them.